To choreograph: to observe, to scrutinize, to give form and life...
"From the beginning of my dance studies at the age of seven, I have always loved watching my classmates move in the studio.  Looking at them, it seemed as though many small lights were being lit inside my head . The light emanating, transforming into images though to the music I was hearing.  Abstract patterns seemed as though they were waiting and yearning to be realised.  They were in need of a designer!
 As my dance training progressed, I soon realized that becoming a professional dancer and experimenting with different techniques and possibilities was the only way to bring life to the movement of my thoughts.
 In the last few years of my career, thanks to continuous study and my constant drive to accumulate experience, I am becoming aware of the energy and enthusiasm that I have inside. It needs an output. It is becoming increasingly vital - as necessary as inhaling and exhaling - and I am eagerly looking for opportunities to "breathe".
 I am working on the realization of my passion while deepening and developing my choreographic language. I am conscious of the need for application and constant concentration, as well as the time to find my true "voice" and to make myself heard in Germany, Italy and beyond.  
I know than I have a fundamental need to compose and learn the tone of my language. I know that the body is my medium, and that choreography is my tool. I will not rest until I have explored the furthest limits of my body and my imagination."