To choreograph: to observe, to scrutinize, to give form and life...

"I started dancing when I was seven. I've always enjoyed watching my classmates move around the studio.
Looking at them, many small lights seemed to come on in my head. The light was transformed into images thanks to the music I was listening to.
The forms generated by the light seemed to be waiting, eager to take shape. As I continued my studies, I realized that through dance and experimentation with its techniques I would be able to give life to the movement of my thoughts.

My friends call me the young choreographer artist PRO.
I like to think of myself as an origin of artistic impulses. In dance, I could call myself an impressionist. I create my choreographic "paintings" on the spot.
Starting from an idea, a concept, I am inspired by the music and dancers around me, creating the atmosphere I have in my mind, a concept that I express with movement and not with words. For me, the dancers, their bodies are the choreography itself: they provide impulses from which I start to create ... elaborating them.
I think we should remain open in imagining other ways of creating ... there is no single way... there is no "right" way to make art.
I believe that closing oneself in stereotypes is risky: we must know how to grasp the new.

I always thought I had a dramatic nature, but in truth I am a comic. I can be very funny when I tell hilarious stories with my serious expression. I still remember when I was working with a choreographer in Holland: he forced me to do an entire choreography holding a laptop charger between my teeth to train my smile, he said. I was too serious for him.
I like humor, although sometimes I don't understand the jokes .... and that's how I laugh at myself ... I really love when it happens.

My only idol is my mom: she has always been there for me ... she is present at every Premieres. She likes to be where her daughter is.
We have always worked together, she is my dramatist: her pragmatism that originates from her profession far from art has always helped me.
In the last few years of my career, thanks to the study and the constant drive to accumulate experience, I am becoming more aware of myself. I am working on the realization of my passion while deepening and developing my choreographic language. I am aware of the need for constant application and concentration, as well as the time to find my true "voice"and to make myself heard in Germany, Italy and beyond."

The body is my instrument, choreography is my score.