Inspired by the autobiography and movies of/by Charlie Chaplin I made in June 2018 the dance performance "Charl/ie-ot" as guest choreographer at Theater Ulm, Germany.
"Spectacular rise from an abject childhood and distressed from poverty to fame and great wealth are the example of a life in which talent and opportunities met at the right time in the right place. But could this ever happen if the cinema had never been invented?
So anyway there is always a lady who is called fortune and for Chaplin undoubtedly the surname of fortune is Cinema.
.... A documentary on the life and film career of Charlie Chaplin ... a living museum that honors the man and the artist through a "show station" architecture that corresponds to precise works and moments in Chaplin 's life.”
Directed, choreography, dramaturgy and costumes by Beatrice Panero.
performers: Alessio Pirrone, Chiara Rontini, Giorgio Strano, Ceren Yavan Wagner,
Bogdan Mursen, Yuka Nazabal, Daniel Perin, Leila Bakthali, Damian Nazabal,
Benedikt Paulun, Stefan Maass, Alwina Meissner and Andreas von Studnitz.​
Premiered and performed:
Theater Ulm, 3rd &10th 2018, Germany

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