“ Inspired by field experience...my NUMBERS was created to ironize the current trend to reward the choreographic “no sense”. It is the rhythm on which they play “multi-level” of humanity... The exhibitionist...The introvert... The old Wise.”
A dance competition in Macedonia in the not too distant past.... In the eyes of some of the competitors, a movement repertoire can be seen, whose fascination and significance is not to be explored completely. The level of difficulty .....and difficulty is rather low. The depth of the danced emotion, however, is obviously immeasurable. Who thinks that classical ballet is not a comic aftermath, is wrong …"
Created in occasion of the dance production JUNGE CHOREOGRAPHEN 2017 at Theater Ulm, Germany.
Choreography by Beatrice Panero  
performers: Alessio Pirrone, Daniel Perin, Bogdan Muresan
7 min c.a.​
Theater Ulm in 2017, Germany.

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