"A thousand told stories are in my heart. Come with me into my enchanted world. You do not need a parachute, a red cape, or a nice bag to come along with the dreaming fairy, just a little imagination and goodness. That's how it ends, this one short story. The disc clicks and it stops, but wait and you'll hear a new one. "Es war Niemals" the storyteller will say, and a new fairytale begins.”
Choreography by Beatrice Panero.
Dance piece choreographed in occasion of the dance production "Kurzstreke 2013\2014 " at Wee Dance Company Gerhart - Haupmaan Theater Goerlitz-Zittau.
"Es War Niemals" was represented as part of the production "Kurztrecke" 2014-2015,  danced by Wee TanzCompany Gerhart Hauptman Theater Goerlitz - Zittau, Germany.

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