"A society where man is a slave to work. Man, a weak and manipulable being. A society where social networks are fundamental for human survival ... they create addiction. Man who more and more lives virtually forgetting that life is actually the true reality. He hides behind images, photos, chats, music .... it eliminates himself from the universe. With the piece "stopNOstop" I want to represent in both abstract and concrete ways the human addiction, the need to escape from it and the constant relapse. Music wants to describe the enviroment in a frenetic context. Chiara Rontini dances and expresses herself with great dynamics in the movements ... she goes through a journey of meditation, temptation, dependence ... in the end she finds herself back in her purity but will continue to live with the memory of that indelible feeling of having been "possessed"
Choreography by Beatrice Panero .
Performer: Chiara Rontini
9 min c.a.
Created for the dancer Chiara Rontini with the piece "stopNOstop" I was invited to take part as choreographer at the first edition of the "Solo Dance Festival Turkey 2018".
Premiered and performed: 30.06.2018 Solo Dance Festival Turkey, Ankara.

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